775 Scarlett Drive | Lucas TX 75002 | (214) 883-0163


Ryan’s outgoing personality and wealth of knowledge make him a favorite here at Texas Survival School. His calm demeanor and casual sarcasm overshadow his intensity enough that students enjoy and learn from engaging with him. He thrives on sharing his skills and ensuring that it's enjoyable and educational.

‍ Ryan’s forte is first aid, but he is also very well versed in firearms and even makes his own Kydex holsters. As an outdoorsman, his knowledge and experiences allow for a perspective many would never contemplate. This perspective is invaluable in survival training.

‍ Currently, Ryan is a Fire Fighter/Paramedic in DFW. He is also a combat medic in the US Army reserves trained in providing first aid and front-line trauma care on the battlefield. Ryan is experienced in providing continuing medical care in the absence of a readily available physician, including care for disease and wilderness injuries, battle injuries, and monitoring ongoing health.

‍ He holds many different certifications as an instructor, and relies on this training for his everyday occupation and life. Ryan’s certifications include: TCFP(Texas FireFighter), NREMT-Paramedic, ACLS,PALS, RopeRescue Tech, Ham Radio Operator.

Ryan spends a great amount of time outdoors, whether at the gun range, hiking, hanging around in his hammock out on the trail in many spots around Texas, or at Texas Survival School. You also might find him at the “Rattle Snake Round Up!”