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Ray is the epitome of one who has never met a stranger! His patience and professorial characteristics allow each and every student to learn both new skills and an appreciation for the outdoors.

‍ He was raised in the foothills of South Carolina spending much of his time in the wilderness hunting, fishing, or just roughing it. Ray moved to Dallas after living in Charlotte and then Little Rock in order to advance his professional career. He once again looked to the peacefulness of the outdoors to step away from the daily rat race of city life. To connect with nature and survive on that which God provides keeps Ray both grounded and optimistic.

‍ Given this, Ray was the first individual to complete all classes making him the first instructor to come from TSS. His knowledge, experience, and teaching ability will provide incomparable lessons to those wanting to survive on the land. Ray has hundreds of hours in both modern and primitive survival skills. He excels in fire and primitive trap building. In addition to this, he is a licensed HAM operator, volunteers for the North Texas CART (Child Abduction Response Team), and has completed numerous FEMA courses for his work with EastTex CERT.  He currently has certifications in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, AED, and Leave No Trace.

‍ Above all else, Ray is a husband, a father, and a devout family man. Our students are quite often blessed with the opportunity to meet and engage with Ray's wife and son. If Ray isn't tending to work, family duties or TSS classes, you will most likely find him in the outdoors with his family.