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Dave has always found joy in nature, and in recent years developed a passion for sharing and teaching others what he had learned. Raised by a mom who had a love for the outdoors, they camped all over Texas and in neighboring states, and as a father he has continued the tradition with his own children. As a firm believer that we are to be good stewards of the earth, he feels the only way to truly do this is to be in out in nature, intimately engaged with it.  This fuels passions for Dave for things like hiking, camping, diving, climbing, and from time to time just getting a little lost in nature.

The chaos of 2020 prompted in him a desire to increase knowledge and skills to become more self-sufficient. In September 2020, he began a search for a survival course that led to Texas Survival School. After attending his first class he says he knew immediately "I had found a group of people who shared my enthusiasm for the trade".  Dave is also Wilderness First Aid certified.