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Eric Giles is the owner and founder of Texas Survival School. Eric was raised by a strong and determined single mother! Her strength, perseverance and work ethic were embedded deep into Eric. Her example and struggles have made Eric who he is today and given him a heart for family and kids.

Eric's heart makes TSS a perfect fit for families wanting to bond, work together, and share a love of learning and the outdoors. His time in the military, knowledge, survival skills, and life experience makes him second to non!

Eric grew up in the mountains of Northern California. Hiking, fishing, and making homemade crawfish traps were all part of his daily adventures. In high school he moved to Garland, Texas and continued his time outdoors hunting, fishing, and taking classes at Patriot Survival where he later became an instructor.

Eric is the resident land navigation expert. His skills are unmatched in Texas. His ease and relaxed ability to build primitive shelters, fire, purify water, and just survive make this all seem easy. He is calm, cool and collected, all the while he knows what's important to survive. Eric has completed multiple FEMA courses for CERT, Community Emergency Response Team. He is a member of the East Texas CERT group, is certified to teach Stop The Bleed plus is certified in Wilderness First Aid, K9 Wilderness First Aid, BLS, PALS, ACLS, and Outdoor Education Adventures. Additionally Eric holds certifications in Active Shooter Prevention from FEMA and as a Hiking Guide with the American Hiking Guide Association by Northeast Mountain Guide.

If you can't find Eric at work, he is either camping, reviewing gear, tracking and bow hunting, or fishing. Most evenings he is on a pier at Tawakoni with a line in the water.