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Texas Survival School is the premier survival, self reliance, and bushcraft school in North Texas. Located in Royse City (just east of Dallas), we incorporate both modern and primitive techniques in our survival training.

Our instructors are all laid back, family-oriented individuals who take what they do seriously all the while creating a relaxed, fun and family friendly experience. They run the gambit from special operations soldiers, primitive survivalist, hunters and outdoorsman to medical professionals. See our page about our instructors here to learn more.

Our classes are centered around a hands on approach in which all students are taught and encouraged to complete each skill set being covered. All classes cover basic survival gear and primitive skills to fall back on to supplement gear.  Students are put in realistic scenarios and timed on various tasks in order to understand the importance of prioritizing certain tasks and maintaining a calm resolve.

The practice and execution of the skills taught at TSS leave students with a sense of accomplishment and a confidence other schools fail to achieve. Whether you are looking to live off grid and survive on the land, backpack the Appalachian Trail, go elk hunting in the North West, multi-day kayak in Alaska, or just looking to increase your skill set for camping our classes will benefit you! Check out class descriptions here.

Classes range from basic to advanced weekend to five day survival, weekend primitive courses, one day foraging, and limited specialty courses such as man tracking. See our class calendar available here. Private / closed classes are available upon request.